Rounding up all the Rage 2 news and gameplay trailer hype

Avalanche Studios and id Software have put their heads together and created a sequel to 2010’s Rage. You’ll know Avalanches work from Just Cause, an open world explosion fest. id Software is best known for Doom. It makes sense then that Rage 2 looks like the two above games mutated into some post apocalyptic first person open world killfest. I’m there day one (providing previews live up to my current expectations).

Here’s a 9 minute Pre-Beta Gameplay video showcasing some tight shooting mechanics, a boss and a variety of amusing abilities.

Sure the shooting looks great, but will the world back it up? What we’ve seen of the open world so far looks creative and varied.

I’ll keep adding decent trailers and gameplay videos here so this post can act as a resource for my (and your?) Rage 2 hype.

Will you be buying Rage 2 day one? Post reviews? Which platform will you be playing it on? Let us know :)

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