How many days left in Fortnite season 7?

Season 7 has finished!

Fortnite’s current season ended on the 28th of February 2019.

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Fortnite’s seventh season started on December 6th 2018 and has been arguably the most content packed season so far, there have been plenty of changes to the meta, special events and new skins galore. Fortnite’s global game domination continues onward like a default trying to get that first Victory Royale.

With Greasy Grove and Flush Factory wiped out by the onset of Winter (or an ice storm?) arriving in Fortnite’s island, season 7 got off to a crazy start. Ziplines, the Stormwing plane, the battle pass’s Sergeant Winter skin and the map not only being covered in snow but adorned with Christmas ornaments, the Fortnite festive vibe was strong, who doesn’t want to celebrate Christmas with your family by screaming at the screen as your landing in Tilted Towers goes horribly wrong?

For most free to play games this would have been enough, but midway through this season, even more content arrived – creative mode was launched allowing players to customise and share their own worlds, a weekly showcase of the best builds arrived in the form of The Block where Risky Reels used to be. Marshmello turned up for a live concert, a world first – Fortnite players flocked to the online dance party to see the DJ perform and emoted the night away.

With the end in sight for season 7, what’s next? There has been some big events, big changes and still millions and millions of players logging in everyday, everybody wants to know how Epic Games is going to finish season 7 and what the transition to season 8 looks like. We all know they’ve got something up their sleeve.

What’s been your favourite part of season 7? Let us know in the comments.


  1. Bob

    When i was playing ps4, my internet cut out and polar peak glitched.Where the pedestal is, there was lava, and a statue of what looked like the prisoner. I cant believe i saw season 8!

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