How many days left in Overwatch Season 14?

Overwatch season 14 ends on the 28th of February 2019.

Overwatch, the hugely popular character/team based shooter from Blizzard began it’s 14th season December 31 on PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One.

The season abruptly started the same day as season 13 ended making any downtime for players pretty much non-existent.

As with each previous Overwatch season, to play the competitive mode, players need to complete 10 placement matches and then be assigned a tier, from there it’s a case of playing well (and hoping your team puts in work) to gain higher tiers.

Some minor changes to the meta with some tweaks to some character’s abilities, a new map (Paris) released on PTR means that this season has plenty to keep players interested.

As an added bonus it’s also the Lunar New Year with Overwatch celebrating the Year of the Pig as a game event. The event will be ending February 18th, so only a few days left to grab those skins.

Looking for more info about this season? Check out the official release notes here.