Death Stranding Hype Check and Trailer Round Up

After 2015’s break up between Hideo Kojima and Konami, fans were obviously upset that any future Metal Gear games would no longer have Kojima’s special touch. No one was sure what the the newly formed Kojima Productions first project would be – or in fact if there was going to be a project at all. Well there is… Here’s all the trailers we’ve seen so far.

Trying to piece together things here…

That’s a round up on what’ve seen so far, there’s rumors that some of the team at Guerrilla Games have seen gameplay and been ‘ blown away’ by it, as Kojima Productions is using the same engine as Guerrilla’s Horizon Zero Dawn, it’s plausible they have indeed seen it. For us mere mortals though, all we have are the above trailers which include a small snippet of what we can guess is gameplay. We have no idea what the gameplay loop is apart from its an action game set in an open world and we really have no idea of what the story is apart from what we can piece together from the above.

We have had confirmation that it is a 2019 game though. It’s hard to believe till we get an official release date though.

Even with all this vagueness, Death Stranding is my most hyped upcoming release.

What do you think the game is all about?

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