Days Gone Trailers and Hype Check

After several delays SIE Bend Studio’s upcoming open world biker zombie game releases 26th April 2019, what we’ve seen of the game so far seems really impressive both from a world building and technical point of view.

The first gameplay trailer blew me away with the amount of zombies on screen and the promise that each mission / set piece could be completed differently.

Since then we’ve been drip feed a few more trailers. E3 2017 showcased protagonist Deacon St. John’s (violent) interactions with other human characters.

We’ve also recently seen a more story based trailer showing us a bit of Deacon’s background via a wedding flashback.

I’ve got high hopes for this one, the premise seems great – swarms of zombies, the motorbike, stealth elements all seem like a cocktail of destructive terrifying chaos. While there are plenty of zombie games this seems to be taking a page out of World War Z’s fast moving hordes which is another plus. Questions of course remain, do the delays mean the game is being polished and will be released in a good state or is it indicative of development problems at Bend? They haven’t released a console game since 2004 – now owned by Sony they do have significant backing and expertise to help this one go smoothly. Other Sony IPs this gen have performed excellently and sold extremely well and I’m sure the higher ups don’t want to see a misfire this year while rumors of next gen consoles become stronger each week.

I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for this one, My PS4 Pro needs some chaotic zombie action ASAP.

Oh yeah, can I upgrade the motorbike?

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