Anthem Review Round Up

Bioware’s Open World Multiplayer RPG is finally out, announced early 2017, it has been the topic of discussion since the first reveal – what exactly is the gameplay loop – is it a Destiny clone? Can Bioware pull of this sort of game and keep their story and character driven heritage intact? The reviews and opinions are out – let’s dive in and see what the big players are saying…


IGN’s bottom line:

When it comes to online RPGs, Anthem’s barebones launch is, sadly, the same old song and dance.


Polygon’s now infamous quote on loading times has been something of an Anthem meme on Twitter and highlights a common complaint about the game, it simply loads too much – perhaps a limitation of the consoles as we near the end of their lifecycle, it’s a valid point to raise, no one likes loading to load some more.

Polygon’s bottom line:

Anthem trips over itself trying to blend two genres into one


Eurogamer’s impressions from 10 hours of play

Anthem is fascinating and flawed

Eurogamer seems to be slightly more positive on the game, I’m in the same camp – perhaps after a few patches this will be something worth investing your time and money into, but currently it needs a bit more time in the oven. Bioware have said they will be listening to feedback from the community, we’ve heard this before of course – time will tell.

Games Radar


A brutal almost clickbait bottom line from Games Radar, you can tell this reviewer wanted to believe Bioware still had the juice and could produce a modern day classic in line with their golden age… No one wants to admit that EA have ripped the heart and soul from Bioware and they now make games based on spreadsheets the accountants gave them.

Right now Anthem is sitting on a 61 on Metacritic (PC version) and 60 on Opencritic (PC version). There is a pattern here with the big development houses (looking at you Bethesda) releasing games that just aren’t ready and then getting burnt to the ground by the public. Personally I think the attacks on Twitter, Reddit and other platforms are over the top, but whoever is in charge of setting the release dates for these AAA games needs to step back and look at what happens to reviews and sales when a buggy, not ready game is released.

Will you be buying Anthem? Will you be waiting till it’s on sale and patched? Perhaps it’s just not your thing? We’d love to hear your opinion.

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